Flight Training and Aircraft Rental


Learn to fly with Easton Aviation

Many pilots say learning to fly is about as easy as learning to drive a manual transmission car—it’s well within the reach of anyone willing to dedicate the time and effort. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot looking to add a new rating, the friendly, qualified instructors at Easton Aviation can help you accomplish your individual flying goals.

Using King Schools scenario-based Flight Training System which is interactive, customizable, and self-paced online training experience, Learning to Fly has never been easier. The King Schools Flight Training System is designed to coordinate seamlessly with Cessna-built training aircraft and your in-flight lessons. The result is an effective learning system that emphasizes real-world situational awareness, risk assessment, flexibility and decision making. When you sign up with Easton Aviation you’ll receive a new welcome kit that includes instructions for getting started and a passkey for logging onto the online training program. The Web-based system keeps track of all aspects of your training and allows you and the instructor to monitor your progress. You will be able to complete lessons and review training materials at any time day or night from any place you have access to the internet.

At Easton Aviation, all our flight lessons are hands-on in the airplane. With each lesson you will practice previous skills, while learning new ones that build on prior lessons. Flight training can begin at any age, however, the FAA requires that a pilot be at least 16 years old to solo and 17 years old to get a pilot certificate. Otherwise, there are no age restrictions in recreational aviation. Perfect vision is not a requirement either, provided it is correctable to near 20/20 with glasses.

So, if you’ve always wanted to “Learn to Fly,” go for it! Contact us today to arrange a personal tour of Easton Aviation’s flight training program.




Aircraft Rental

If you are already a certificated pilot, Easton Aviation has aircraft for rent.  Rent for a day of fun, a business trip or a weekend vacation. Contact us for rates, requirements and  to set up a rental checkout.