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Where We Fly

Our planes can take you to places large and small, and we already have extensive experience in some of the places you might be thinking of visiting.

Our planes can take you to places large and small, and we already have extensive experience in some of the places you might be thinking of visiting.

If you’re interested in chartering one of our planes, your first thought might be whether we can get you where you need to go. Easton Aviation can help you plan a course that fits into your original vacation plans, and on top of that, we regularly provide service to airports big and small across the East Coast.

To get an idea of whether we’re the right service for you, here are some of our more popular destinations:

  • Teterboro, New Jersey: This airport has more than 4 miles of taxiway space and can be especially convenient for travelers looking for a slightly removed landing point on a trip to New York City. It is also pursuing different technological solutions to make travel safer, like its lighting and “Engineered Materials Arresting” systems.
  • Lake Placid, New York: Visitors to this spot can enjoy the various natural attractions of the surrounding area, as well as the different festive events that occur there, including the summer “Maple Weekends.” You can consult with us to figure out the way to coordinate the timing of your flight as you make other travel planning essentials.
  • Columbia, South Carolina: With its large runways and volume of annual travelers (more than 1 million), there’s a good chance that any trip to South Carolina might take you to the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. It may be more than 500 miles from Maryland, but we can take you there directly thanks to the capabilities of our plane and its systems.
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: A popular tourist destination, especially during the summer, this city boasts an international airport with its own range of services, such as car rentals, that you can factor into your excursion plans.
  • Savannah, Georgia: With a main airport that provides for free WiFi among other amenities, the city of Savannah is far from the furthest south we’ll fly, but it could be a hub for other travel within the state, depending on the nature of your visit.
  • Charleston, South Carolina: The tourism site lists that it was voted as the best city for travel in the U.S. and Canada, and also lists local travel resources that you can take advantage of after you’ve arrived. Part of the reason that our planes have no trouble visiting this location is the amount of extended space available for incoming planes. In addition to the Charleston International Airport, there’s also the Charleston Executive Airport and Mt. Pleasant Regional.
This is just a sample of the sorts of places we can take you in our safe, durable Pilatus PC-12, and you’re encouraged to suggest to us whatever airport facility you have in mind. In return, we can guide you through the areas we’re familiar with and pick the right combination of factors to make your travel fast and efficient.