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Avoid the drama of airplane politics with a private jet

There's buzz out there about the unavoidable news of American Airlines' merger and suggested that a private jet might be a comforting reminder of a plane service that will definitely stay constant. It's probably not surprising that in the wake of such a major deal, there are voices emerging calling for reconsideration of the structures within the industry that we currently see.

Felix Salmon of Reuters, for instance, writes that the dominance of these enduring mega-brands shifts attention away from the area in which other smaller competitors could potentially develop and bring diversity to travel.

Salmon refers to the troubled recent history of major airplane companies, which he sees as being "too big to fail."

"If [big airlines] had failed, there would have been a period during which flying around the country would have been a lot more difficult," Salmon writes. "But it wouldn't have taken long for a lot of smaller airlines to be created in order to fill that need. And we'd all be in a much better place right now." 

The imposing figure of a monolithic air travel company does not go unnoticed by consumers or the press, with a USAToday article questioning if we can ever go back to the older days when there were lots of different options for flying the skies.

Well, they may not be incredibly visible, but the smart travelers know that there are still options out there for getting where you need to go, and charter plane companies may be the secret you're looking for to get around the choke hold you might feel these bigger providers are keeping you in.