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Airports can expand to accommodate smaller jets

Major airports might not always stay exclusive to the airlines that they service, and your travel needs might improve if such a place suddenly becomes host to more charter airplane services. An example of this is Fort Wayne International Airport in Indiana, which will soon host welcome private air services in a special on-site area.

In a press release from the Hagerman Group, the developer behind this expansion plan, the benefits that wait in store once the project has been completed. In addition to improving four hangars onsite at the airport and some related structures nearby, the initiative will lead to more than $4 million in private jet-related construction costs for businesses. The building currently used for "fixed base operator," or FBO, flights will be relocated on site as part of the deal.

The release featured comments from the director of airports for the Airport Authority, Scott Hinderman, who remarked upon the reasons Hagerman was chosen to assist in the expansion.

"Among other things, the new FBO terminal will be the front door to Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana for corporate visitors and other individuals seeing our community for the first time," he said. "We sought out and received design and construction ideas from a number of teams."

In this case, the modifications that come with the effort to bring in more private planes also involves encouraging improvements at other areas around the airport. As someone with important travel needs, it can pay to stay up-to-date with the construction happening at sites around the country, because your charter airplane provider might have increasingly more places to take you as these things are constructed.