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Survey shows more students in flight school

It's a great time for interested students to learn how to fly, according to aviation news source AVweb.

That source polled "more than a dozen" flight schools and found that the number of trainees has increased throughout the country. The effect seems to be widespread, with students ranging from young to old, from new professionals to older "financially secure" adults. But no matter who these fledgling pilots are, the situation is the same: amateurs learning the ropes in a Cessna jet, usually at least a few years old.

One of the aviation professionals quoted in the story is Cody Pierce, who said that the better numbers of flight students is a reflection of a stronger economy.

"I think everybody is realizing the economy is not going to tank and they're sitting on some cash savings and they're spending," he said. "A lot of our clients own businesses and they're reasonably successful."

Interestingly, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association noted a decrease in student, recreational and total pilots between 2010 and 2011. However, there was an increase in flight instructors during this time, from 96,473 to 96,551. The period between 2009 and 2010 saw a massive increase in flight trainees, with more than 33,000 new pilots total. If the AVweb info is to be believed, a turnaround is in progress.

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