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Start your pilot career off right with training in an experienced Cessna

If you are considering learning how to fly a small aircraft for recreation, a good choice is to find a used vehicle with years of experience. Residents on the central east coast can use charter airlines in Maryland as a source of practice air vessels: these providers know the skies and have worked with other fledgling pilots before.

Writing for Air & Space Magazine, George Larson notes the ways that older jets were created with accessibility in mind in the 1950's and 60's. Some of these jets were not meant to be "trainers" but ended up fitting that task anyway thanks to pre-existing features. 

Finally, around 2006, Larson reports that Cessna started investigating Light Sport Aircraft as a means of training pilots. He quotes the former CEO of the company, Jack Pelton, who oversaw the creation of the Cessna 162 Skycatcher for learning, with features specifically calculated to take some of the burden off of the trainee.

"Our real motivation was the Private Pilot," Pelton said, referring to the type of customer they wanted. "And it could all be achieved in that Light Sport Airplane. If somebody wanted to…get just a Sport rating, that was great, but we thought if we built the right product, it would encourage them to continue on with their Private Pilot License."

Easton Aviation offers a certified Cessna training system that takes advantage of this brand of aircraft and gives pilots all of the resources they need to research and practice. We also maintain a pilot's shop, where trainees can purchase charts, headsets and other training materials. Visit our website to learn more and start your education soon!