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Real pilot training with a focus on the here and now

Easton Aviation offers flight training in addition to its charter jet services, and anyone over the age of 17 looking to become certified through the Cessna Flight Training System can trust in our teaching abilities to get you through the learning process.

We do this through a system that combines practical lessons with web-based applications to teach you all of the proper responses while charting your progress. It's important to emphasize the role that personal technology plays, because we believe that you can achieve your goal of certification without the aid of devices like the super-high tech Google Glass.

Glass certainly could play a role in the operation of aircraft at some point in the future, at least if they come from the European training school known as Adventia. Skift recently reported on how this program hopes to incorporate Google's famous "moonshot" electronic eyewear device with standard flight training in order to give future pilots more access to data.

Adventia, which operates in Salamanca, Spain, recently saw two pilots, Diana Rodríguez and Juan Riquelme, test the use of Glass in flight operations, reportedly with success.

However, not everyone can spare the hundreds of dollars it takes to obtain these devices. Furthermore, skepticism still persists when it comes to the usefulness of Google Glass. The Washington Post's Hayley Tsukayama discussed some of the problems she encountered as a user of this system despite having general faith in using new technology. Although the application will most likely be different for professional pilots than civilians, her editorial still underlies the fundamental discomfort that persists with Glass.

Instead, interested pilots can turn to Easton's training program knowing that they most likely already have all the technology they need to keep up with courses.