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Maryland to host ‘Wings and Wheels’ expo

Visitors to Maryland often travel via plane and car, and what better reason to head into this state than to celebrate those very modes of transportation? Sunday, September 21, will see the 2014 Wings and Wheels Expo arrive in Hagerstown, Maryland. This event gathers classic cars and planes together: look for charter airlines in Maryland to take you here in time to experience it.

According to the official website, the event will feature a range of exhibitors with different crafts to look at, including the Experimental Aircraft Association and Pegasus Radio – Controlled Model Airplane Club. Visitors are also given the chance to experience flight in a vintage WWII aircraft.

The location, at the Hagerstown Regional Airport, is near enough to local lodging to make staying there more convenient, and a "cruise in" allows visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the vintage cars and motorcycles.

New Castle, Pennsylvania, recently hosted Wings and Wheels, as was chronicled in the New Castle News. According to this source, there were "more than 50 planes" on display, as well as cars from around the country. The event also proved to be a way to increase awareness of flight training, as the article quotes a member of a local flying club named Tom Biasucci on how relatively easy it is to learn to fly.

"It takes a minimum of 40 hours of air time, plus ground school and a final test," he said.

By demystifying this process, the pilots and enthusiasts at this event could encourage visitors to think more seriously about air travel. But you don't have to be a fledgling pilot to charter an airplane and visit Maryland this September to see for yourself!