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Learn more about a plane through flight lessons-and conquer your fear!

There are many ways to counter the anxiety of flight, some of which this blog has tackled in the past. One tactic for conquering this fear is to engage in flight lessons so that you understand the workings of a private charter jet.

Knowing the different pieces of equipment that go into the workings of a successful flight can help alleviate stress and give worried travelers a sense of control as student pilots. Writing for Lifehacker, Luke Hopewell recently described the way his own outlook on flying changed after using a flight simulator. 

In his piece, Hopewell described how he took part in a virtual demonstration that showed what it was like to pilot a passenger plane into the now-defunct Kai-Tak airport in Hong Kong. With the help of an instructor, this tense situation turned into an exhilarating one.

"I walked out of that simulator taller, knowing that even an idiot like me can technically complete a difficult descent with the help of a professional," he writes. "Now I can't wait to fly again."

This is one of the exclusive advantages of working with a smaller, private charter jet service. Interested parties can get certified using the Cessna Flight Training system and help realize what really happens when a plane takes off into the air. This can be a preferable alternative to simulators, which might help but also don't necessarily connect with the real experience of being onboard an airplane and in a cockpit. 

The experience of learning to fly can not only be one that teaches you new skills: it can help you be more comfortable in the air as well.