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Cessna flight challenge encourages pilot training

Cessna is encouraging pilots to get into the cockpit with a contest allowing a team of eight interns to experience the joys of extensive flight in this years Discover Flying Challenge. As the Wichita Eagle reports, this program has contributed to the knowledge that these college students will gain regarding proper operating practices. A charter airplane service that uses Cessna airplanes can be a guide for others who choose to use them.

The Eagle particularly focuses on Daniel Tou, a student at LeTourneau University who has been flying to different states in the southwest of the country this summer and interacting with the various passengers he picks up.

This has included places like Kansas and Chicago. Out of the eight student participants from various universities, six are given the chance to fly nationally while two are being kept in the Wichita area.

While the passengers that Tou takes on are not charged, the air service Tou provides is aimed to give them an idea of the benefits of an air charter service. He said that the experience has given him preparation for future piloting endeavors, and that serving in this internship has "opened his mind." 

"It's been a really good opportunity for me to make decisions on the road," The source quotes Tou saying. "If you learn how to make a good decision as a pilot, you're a better pilot."

Seeing these kinds of initiatives may show how customers can get special attention from the pilots at the helm of smaller private jets. Cessna has multiple jets available for travel into various eastern US locations, and an operator that can offer their use should be more valuable to the business traveler.