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21st century Amelia Earhart flies around the world

A private charter plane can give those who travel in it a taste of a more liberated form of flight, as well as an appreciation for what they can do.

Even those who aren't frequent fliers know the legacy of aviator Amelia Earhart, who disappeared in an attempt to circle the globe in her plane in the late 1930's. Airline Reporter recently interviewed another Amelia Earhart, someone who coincidentally has the same name and recently successfully completed the same flight as her namesake.

The entire trip took this Earhart, who goes by Amelia Rose Earhart, a total of 19 days and was completed on June 26th with the help of co-pilot Shane Jordan.

Earhart is a former professional television broadcaster, but in the interview she said that she would definitely like to stay involved with aviation afterwards while studying meteorology. She completed this journey in a Pilatus PC-12NG, and told the source about the qualities necessary to keep this going.

"You have got to have the determination of an Olympic athlete to pull this off.  I am not saying that to brag on myself; I had an incredible team to support me," she said. "But unless you are fully committed to bringing this through all the way to execution and running yourself into complete exhaustion, financially it is very tough."

This kind of  high-profile expedition is just one facet of the possibilities that charter services can prepare users for. Independent air companies can give users the tools they need to learn how to fly and perhaps one day plan a trip as expansive and of historical importance as this one.