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What can you expect from chartering a private jet for your east coast excursion?What can you expect from chartering a private aircraft for your east coast excursion?

What does Easton Aviation do?

Easton Aviation is an Air Charter Company and Pilot Training Center providing flight training that offers a variety of charter air-travel related services for residents in the Maryland area and throughout the eastern United States. Whether it’s to book a private aircraft for a special business or personal expedition or to acquire useful materials for pilots in training, Easton Aviation seeks to accommodate those with a special interest in chartered air travel.

What is the company's history?

Easton Aviation was founded by Bob and Michele Anstatt in 1998. Bob and Michele have more than 20 years (and more than 5000 hours) of aviation experience. They both are Airline Transport Pilots and FAA Certified Flight Instructors.

Where do Easton's planes fly to?

Well, where would you like to go? Our intimate aircraft can be given specific instructions to take you to the destination you have in mind, large or small, on the East Coast and surrounding states. Let your business or vacation interests dictate where you’d like to travel. Another advantage comes from our central location in Easton, Maryland. Contact us for more information.

How long does it generally take to arrive somewhere?

This will obviously depend on exactly where you’re planning to go, but customers can develop schedules that fit within their larger plans and allow them to make consistent travel plans they can count on. In addition, our planes have different cruising speeds and can provide rapid service when you need it.

What kind of aircraft do you use for charter flights?

The Pilatus PC-12 provides a spacious, comfortable and memorable travel experience for passengers. A safe and durable aircraft, the Pilatus PC-12 can reach cruise speeds of up to 320 mph.

Where can your planes land?

We are flexible in the areas that we can service and encourage patrons not to limit themselves when thinking of airport size: we can reach both large and small locations. The Pilatus PC 12 can handle a runway as short as 2,500 feet. Once you make the decision to travel in our aircraft, we can help give you the information you need to make the best travel planning decisions.

What kind of price range will a charter plane require?

The price of the charter will depend largely on the area of travel, number of passengers, and type of aircraft. Allow one of our charter consultants to review with you the options and plan the most efficient and cost effective method of travel. Interested parties should consult with us in order to figure out if our services fall within your budget.

How safe are your planes and services?

Very! Customers expect a high level of safety. Easton Aviation’s pilots meet and exceed all FAA standards for proficiency and training. Our plane the Pilatus PC-12 has an excellent safety record and is maintained to strict manufacturers and FAA standards.

What's the best way to plan my travel?

Use the online charter request form to start the planning process. Once the form is received one of our charter consultants will immediately contact you to review your plans. For more information, you can also call (410) 822-8181 or email us at