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Family and Vacation Travel

Plan a more successful family trip with airplane charter services provided by Easton Aviation.

Plan a more successful family trip with airplane charter services provided by Easton Aviation.

Easton Aviation can provide comfortable, efficient airplane charter services for recreational outings of all kinds, and we are happy to do so in a way that corresponds with either spontaneous plans or a major event. It doesn’t matter if your group of friends or relatives is interested in some sort of regular organized gathering somewhere or checking out a new location: we can accommodate either way, and are happy to start building a relationship with you along those lines.

One particularly popular spot that Easton Aviation has provided service to is Blacksburg, Virginia, specifically for Virginia Tech’s class reunions and other alumni events. Because several of these can happen in one year, we know that this location and others like it can become very busy. For this and other reasons, we plan our schedules to deliver passengers safely to their destinations at all times.

Here are some other kinds of events that might send your family on an excursion that requires airplane charter services, and here’s how we might be able to assist:

  • Summer Getaways: Not only do we travel to Myrtle Beach, our Pilatus PC-12 can be chartered to other East Coast beaches that might catch your family’s eye during the warmer months. Several of the states that house the country’s well-known beaches are within our reach, including assorted locations in the Carolinas and Virginia. We can help you get to places like Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks to enjoy all that summer has to offer there. And we do fly as far south as Florida as well—an obvious destination for those interested in both beaches and its numerous entertainment parks.
  • Weddings and Private Celebrations: In addition to reunions, there are many types of events that might require a spread-out family to come together, and we can lend our airplane charter services in these situations to bridge those gaps and get everybody to the party who needs to be there. Book months in advance and you can help whisk all attendants, even those who live in remote places, to whatever location you have in mind, rural or urban.
  • Graduations: School reunions aren’t the only reasons a massive amount of people might converge upon a college campus. Are you having trouble making arrangements to get to a university at the same time everyone else is? It can be tough, especially for a school situated in a rural area or near a small town, with reservations disappearing quickly. Chartering our Pilatus jet can keep you outside of the highly trafficked channels—highways and commercial airports—and arrive at these events on your own terms.
  • Festivals, Concerts, and Other Major Commercial Events: We can also provide easy transportation to music events, like the Bonnaroo concert festival in Tennessee, or a major film festival in or the Atlanta Film Festival. By securing your own personal transport to these places, you can show up in style or plan a different path of arrival than the other fans might be taking.
  • Camping and Recreation Trips: Maybe your family is outdoorsy and looking to spend an extended period of time ”on the trail.” You can coordinate travel plans with our airplane charter services so that the beginning or end of your expedition has a plane ready and able to take you to a site of your choosing to make sure you only do as much physical traveling as you want to do. This can also be useful if you have specialty gear to transport and don’t want the hassle of a public airline handling it.
This is, of course, just a taste of the many reasons that might send your family around the country. But you will need proper support no matter what necessary travel tasks you have in mind. Click on our “Aircraft Charter” page for more information on how our metro DC charter service will get you there, and contact us today to let us know the specifics of your recreational trip.