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Executive Travel

Avoid the hassle of public transit by using a series of chartered planes to get your employees where they need to go.

Avoid the hassle of public transit by using a series of chartered planes to get your employees where they need to go.

For any serious business excursion that will require prompt service and a fine attention to detail, airplane charter services can be the most efficient choice of action. For one thing, it will help professionals maintain a level of privacy about their travels and avoid the problems associated with mass travel on commercial aircraft. But it can also simply be a way to keep the unity needed before a group of fellow employees plunge into an important group gathering.

Easton Aviation LLC knows how necessary airplane charter services can be for business travelers, even for relatively short trips, and offers transit in its Pilatus PC-12 jet to those interested in planning transportation for a major upcoming event.

This could apply to a variety of different situations, and your business needs to make the right choices to ensure that they wind up at their desired event without any problems. The advantages of chartering a private jet for executive travel are many. See if any of the below instances match the upcoming plans of employees at your company:

  • Conferences and Conventions: A common occurrence, and if your business is looking to grow its presence within its chosen industry, attending conferences will surely be a must. These may be in bustling major cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City, but no matter where they’re situated, Easton Aviation can provide executive travel solutions that will allow you to make it from the airport to the convention center or hotel successfully.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Seeing as these may require many different flights and equipment to travel together, it may seem impossible to reduce the level of stress that comes with these events. Airplane charter services can give your company a little more control over how and when you arrive and reduce some of that unpredictability you feel when it comes to issues like the weather or sudden cancelations. And since some may go “show hopping” from one big presentation to the next in a short period of time, taking care of transportation can mean a great deal.
  • Corporate Retreats: Flying a group of people to places like the beaches of Jacksonville or the Marriott Ranch in Virginia for some R&R should be an enjoyable, even relaxing experience that helps your teams get to know each other better and start thinking more productively. Choosing the same travel provider can also make it easier for round trips in situations like this, as the charter plane that ferries you to your retreat can be used to bring you back.
  • Important Site Visits: These can take all kinds of forms, depending on the business you operate in. Perhaps your corporation has just opened up a new manufacturing plant somewhere and you are eager to investigate. Similarly, you may be looking to go on a discreet scouting expedition to check out possible areas for expansion. Even if this is taking you into the heart of an extremely busy city, you can be granted the discretion that best suits high-level corporate travel with a private plane at the ready.
  • Major Company Events: If there’s a special opening you need to attend or a specific headquarters that a team needs to be present at quickly, this can be accomplished through the use of a chartered plane. Without specially arranged air travel options, you might be forced to compromise, perhaps by splitting up your group over multiple flights or adding an unacceptable level of disorder to your journey. Once again, we can make sure everybody gets there on time, especially if an important ceremony is in the works and requires a large part of your work force to be in attendance.
For executive travel out of Maryland, choose the airplane charter services of Easton Aviation for your business needs, and contact us if you’re interested in finding out more.