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What’s the best amount of mobile usage on planes?

Private charter planes are a good option for business travel in NYC and other high-traffic destinations because they allow passengers to use mobile phones in private.

Some major commercial airlines are encouraging personal phone use so they can get rid of expensive screens in the backs of headrests. A report from Osurv recently looked at the impact of the focus on ”Bring Your Own Device” plans that some airlines are putting into action.

In addition, getting rid of existing screens would also reduce passenger worry. More than 60 percent of travelers surveyed believe these screens can show them evidence of aircraft malfunctions, and more than 40 percent get stressed out when trying to use them, due to sudden glitches.

However, though in-flight entertainment systems cause some concern, over-reliance on a phone is another possible impediment to enjoying a flight. This is the sentiment that James Durston asserts in a piece for CNN in which he decries too much phone use in travel. Instead, he encourages travelers to take advantage of the window of free time they have onboard.

“Despite air travel’s well known frustrations, it provides, at least for those few minutes either side of cruising, a break from the bleeps, bloops and jingles of the always-on generation,” he writes. “For a few precious minutes the real world returns. Books become things to read, rather than things you plan to read once you’ve written a few emails.”

Whatever the intention, passengers should be free to decide for themselves how to use their time without worrying they might interrupt someone else or damage a piece of equipment. This is part of what charter airplanes provide, especially for busy corporate travelers.

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