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What do business travelers want, and how can charter airplanes help them get it?

While everyone has a personal list of requests for air travel, there are a few things that charter airlines in Maryland should always offer business travelers if they want high satisfaction ratings. By respecting the wishes of the individual, these charter services set themselves apart and create a brand loyalty with their favored fliers.

According to a post in the International Business Time, this demographic greatly prefers a provider that treats them well and offers consistent, flexible service that allows for last-minute changes. Citing information from Amadeus UK, this source notes that more than half of polled business travelers need to make adjustments to their plans at the last minute.

Moreover, certain travelers have needs that they expect to be taken care of. Although this data comes from UK-based professionals, the discoveries may hold true for Americans as well: 9 percent more women preferred extra luggage than men, and therefore needed more space for their bags. 

What all of the points in this list get to is the need for service that responds to business traveler needs. Business travelers also highly value spare time they can use to work via mobile devices or laptops (even though the press release noted that nearly 20 percent of travelers are oblivious when it comes to how high their roaming charges get).

For executive travel in Maryland and surrounding cities, charter planes provide flexibility and ease of scheduling as well as the customization needed to reach a specific location quickly and safely. Operators of these private planes will be in a position to arrange things so the traveler feels their preferences are respected.