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United cracking down on oversized bags, charging customers

United Airlines has begun more aggressive enforcement of its carry-on baggage policy as a result of passengers sneaking oversized bags onto their flights. The company is requiring that all carry-on items be smaller than 9 x 14 x 22 inches. If a passenger tries to bring on larger luggage, they'll be sent back to the ticket counter to pay the airline's $25 fee.

When United and other airlines originally put the baggage fees in place, passengers caught on and began overpacking their carry-on luggage so that they could avoid the fee. As a result, the overhead bins on planes would become so full that not all travelers' belongings could fit.

While the new enforcement doesn't reflect any change in the company's rules, it is in line with what many other companies are doing. Customer service has taken a back seat to generating as much revenue as possible. It used to be the case that you could fly and expect your airfare to cover luggage, a meal and in-flight entertainment. Now passengers have to pay for all of these items separately, while still paying the same amount for their plane ticket.

For those who only travel occasionally, it can be a minor convenience. But for businesspeople, government officials and others who must travel frequently for their work, all of those baggage fees can add up.

That's why it's a good idea for corporate passengers to consider a private charter jet rather than having to deal with the customer service fiascos of the big airlines. By flying with Easton Aviation, you can bet that not only won't we charge you for your bags, we'll also provide the best flying experience you can imagine!