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Massachusetts airport sees higher rate of private plane activity

Airplane charter services activity might seem like a niche within the larger field of air travel, but if airports notice more customers preferring this mode, perhaps they can start taking notice.

One airfield in the central Massachusetts area appears to have acknowledged this increase in private jet activity, according to the Boston Globe. That would be Hanscom Field, located in Bedford, which has been in operation for more than 60 years.

While commercial airline services seem to be turning their attention to this facility, out of the more than 154,000 flights made from this airfield on 387 different planes, 17 percent were said to be used for corporate travel last year.

In fact, the location seems to be so attractive that the space for storing planes in hangars has been exceeded, according to the Massachusetts Business Aviation Association's president, David Richter.

"There are a lot of people who are coming and buying jets and turboprop planes, and they have to keep them somewhere," the Globe quoted him saying.

In a report released by the General Aviation Manufacturer's Association examining the year of 2013 in review: one of the significant events it noted was a law passed by President Obama designed to promote safety and regulation among small airplanes through the use of new regulations.

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