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Is there an upside to ‘packing heavy’ instead of light?

Most business travelers know the benefits of traveling light, especially when it comes to long-term jaunts. While the advantages of this are clear, there are some times when executives actually should take more than just the bare essentials, according to Gil Zaire Carungay.

Carungay is a Filipino businessman who takes a lot of trips: up to two a month for business and frequently on the weekends just for fun. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he mentioned how his travels take him from places like Hong Kong to remote areas for recreation.

On these trips, he says, he goes against the typical wisdom and takes lots of things with him. This is partly because of the fun nature of the trips, but also to make the most of the space, depending on where he and his companions will be staying.

"We do this a lot and always decide at the last minute, so the staff now know what to do," he said. "They have standardized packing lists, which depend on how we are getting to the place—ferry versus airplane—and where—resort versus private house." Some of the items he brings include food, drink and media equipment.

Another thing travelers should consider is whether or not they will need to take more things back than they start out with. This will require empty suitcases, as the CEO of World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore, Elaine Tan, also told the Journal in a separate interview.

For executive travel in Maryland and surrounding areas, flyers should look for air solutions that will give them all the room they need for their luggage.