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Is property sharing promoting business travel?

Theses days, there are more options for travel that might appeal to the busy person on a business trip, not just the casual traveler. The Economist recently reported on the way that property-sharing seems to be a viable means for business travelers to secure staying arrangements for themselves.

The author of the Economist piece, credited as "N.B.," notes that the web-based home-sharing service Airbnb has made tremendous gains since 2012, with more than 20 million users across the globe.

Though the author was originally a skeptic, they eventually began using the service for their own purposes and had a change of heart regarding its usefulness in business trips.

"It takes some time investment firstly to find the right place, and then to communicate with the host beforehand to make sure everything is on the up-and-up," the article reads. "But if you have that time, Airbnb can be rewarding."

Finding a place to stay in this service could go hand in hand with the tailored-to-the-situation service that a charter jet service might feasibly provide. The Boston Globe has reported that Airbnb has agreed to provide New York officials with renter information in order to comply with a request from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. This could be a sign of a longer and more normalized presence for the company in that city, as authorities learn how best to work with this brand instead of against it.

If you have an important corporate engagement or conference to get to, finding a charter plane capable of transporting you on your own terms can be as important as finding lodging that fits your needs — and perhaps just as easy.