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Data security at risk when business professionals travel

When anyone schedules a flight they should make sure they take care of the information they may be generating through their use of electronic devices. But when it comes to business travel, there might be an added incentive to try and look at this, since there is more sensitive data on the line in that case. By taking a charter airplane, you might be able to keep the risks down and know more about the environment.

Because of the proliferation of WiFi, scammers looking to obtain information about users of mobile devices have more of a chance to do so. Public places like hotels and airports can be hotbeds for internet crime, and that can extend to the plane itself, as travelers sitting onboard check their email as they wait to take off.

A Consumer Reports story written by Anthony Giorgianni recently looked at the different threats that are posed to traveler data, and one of the big ones is the possibility of imposter networks. 

"When you search for wireless networks on your own computer or mobile device, you find one with the name of the hotel or something similar," Giorgianni writes. "Unfortunately the network doesn't belong to the hotel at all, but to a scammer out to steal information it intercepts over the rogue connection."

If you pick up a virus or some sort of malware through using an unsecured network, that problem can only multiply as you continue your journey to different airports and public and private spaces. Corporate travel should proceed under the knowledge that the passengers are going to be able to go about their digital business safely.