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Connecting business travelers to specific locations with branded jets

Business travelers can be made more at ease when they have an easy transition between their arrival to a new area via airplane and their accommodations. CNBC has reported on the Four Seasons hotel, which is now offering a flight service that looks to emulate all the conveniences of a hotel in the air in the form of its own jet.

The purpose of these planes will be, according to the source, to take passengers on specific "tours" to the site of participating hotels. The two most notable features of this flight scheme are the scope of its aircraft, which will reportedly include high-end meals and Wi-Fi, along with the fact that they will be an extension of the existing Four Season brand.

But there's another aspect of this development that may repel some travelers instead of attract them: the price. The Los Angeles Times reports that travelers on the 52-count airplanes will be able to pay more than $100,000 for a worldwide tour.

What if the average businessperson on an important trip doesn't agree with this price and wants a simpler means of connecting with their accommodations, like charter services?

A piece on USA Today quoted Applied Predictive Technologies' Maryam Wehe on the growing use of these kinds of planes by hotels.

"Branding private jets is a new move for hoteliers, although partnerships with private jet operators do exist at several boutique hospitality organizations around the world," Wehe said.

Though these may provide some novelty, the price and restriction of these proposed planes seem to be a hurdle for those business travelers who might prefer more affordable air charters. They can count on these vehicles in order to get them where they need to be and even to out-of-the-way airports that the giant hotel-sponsored airliners might not be able to transfer them to.