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CEOs speak on the importance of business travel

Arne Sorenson, The CEO of Marriott, has some experience when it comes to business travel, and holds strong opinions about its importance. In an article for LinkedIn Influencer, Sorenson runs down his personal list of why charter airplane service important, and why those who overlook these opportunities might be costing their own companies real value.

Why is that? According to him, there are too many potential advantages for companies to ignore them, and travel really functions as an extension of the benefits that workers get from face-to-cafe interactions in other common employee situations. Plus, enough technological advances have been made to allow travelers to communicate and work while on the go wherever their plans take them.

"Look at your own career," he said. "Chances are you have benefited at some point from networking face-to-face or, perhaps, through a relationship you fostered outside of the office." These benefits could outweigh the cost that the overall travel arrangement might require.

In a similarly themed Business Insider piece, several CEOs were polled to give their own advice pertaining to corporate excursions. General Electric's Beth Comstock spoke about the way she packs her clothes and supplies into one carry-on bag, despite how it may appear to others.

"I was a laughable sight wearing way too many clothes at a Lufthansa gate in Hong Kong, refusing to let my bag be rejected as too heavy," she said.

Air travel on a private jet can be an advantage to those who have pressing business needs and have to reach a location under a precise time frame. If you haven't considered the positive implications of embarking on a trip, then looking out for cost-effective providers can help make planning a lot easier.