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Business travel becoming more hospitable for women

Commercial jets can hold many passengers but lack that important personal touch. Business travel costs vary for each individual on a trip, and in the long run it simply isn't worth ignoring the personal needs that big providers aren't filling. Chartering a private plane, on the other hand, allows customers a more tailored experience.

For example, USA Today recently profiled the specific challenges that female business travelers face. Traditionally, the air travel and hospitality industries have been more geared towards men and have not acknowledged women's on-the-go concerns. Fortunately, that appears to be changing as more women take to the skies on business trips.

The source quotes a Missouri-based consultant named Faith Varwig, who pointed out some of the ways that life has become easier for the female business traveler. This isn't limited to the trip itself, but extends to all of the different industries that play a role in business travel.

"Airport retail shops provide a large variety of products and services geared toward female travelers," she said. "Restaurant menus have changed to better, lighter fare. Hotels have in-room products such as makeup remover, hand lotion, cotton swabs and other items frequently used by females."

Some hotels have even gone as far as to establish floors specifically for women only. The rooms in these sections have amenities custom-made to appeal to women.

However, the important thing isn't special treatment so much as high-quality service that makes the business trip more bearable and productive. For business travel in Washington DC and other important cities, a charter plane is another part of the customized experience.