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Boeing planes given special safety inspections

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on an order from the FAA that requires Boeing 767 aircrafts to undergo special inspections to crack down on potential safety flaws in these crafts.

The source states that starting in March, these planes will need to have some pieces replaced altogether. Specific targets include the elevator system of each plane, as well as some other aspects of the craft, like the rivets used in their construction.

Although the Journal notes that no 767 has been involved in an accident because of these kinds of flaws, the Federal Register post from the FAA on this matter says that the inspections are intended "to prevent certain failures or jams in the elevator system from causing a hardover of the elevator surface, resulting in a significant pitch upset and possible loss of control of the airplane." 

It brings up a good question for those executive travelers looking for a private flight provider they can depend on fully: what safety measures do air charter services need to have? And what can you, the passenger, check easily before the trip begins?

A post in Aviation Pros examined the factors that clients of private planes should watch out for, which may include things they are not accustomed to thinking about. For example, the FAA has different requirements for the training of pilots for independent charters than commercial flights.

This can involve a larger understanding of the things that make airplane charters what they are, and learning more about them can help professionals know more about what to expect when they fly.