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Airlines may want smaller seats, but that doesn’t mean passengers do

Remember those plans for thinner airplane seats that we blogged about recently? Well, there's a new wrinkle that's been discovered around this issue. The LA Times reported that, while airlines support the idea of these kinds of lightweight sitting areas, customers seem to have other feelings.

The Times quoted information from a recent Trip Advisor survey, in which more than 80 percent of poll respondents said they didn't like these seats and found them uncomfortable. That's in overwhelming opposition to the few who do reportedly support the changes. This should be an important metric for airlines to consider when looking to increase their customer appreciation.

Handled the wrong way, installing these new seats could come across as just a way for these providers to save money rather than improve the overall experience. Daily Finance reports that Delta is one airline embracing this recent change on some of the newer models that it's introducing. In Delta's case, this is part of a larger strategy of making the travel area of its planes smaller in general.

This could mean that either passengers change their minds over time, or the company realizes the negativity and responds by canceling these seats in the future. But that latter possibility seems less likely, since other American air travel companies like Southwest Airlines are also getting in on this trend.

In the event of important executive travel, your company might find more enjoyment with a plane service that is already the perfect size and doesn't need to change its size to pursue both efficiency and comfort.