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A chance to travel can help improve your business

If your company has access to reliable air charter services, then it might be able to build long-term travel and business meetings into its general work schedule.

As a result, it might also see an improvement in certain areas of productivity, or so says Finn Kelly in a recent piece for Business Insider Australia.

Kelly writes that being able to travel regularly can be a big advantage to the level of performance your business sees. It doesn't matter where you're going or what the reason for your trip is: merely getting away from the home office for a while and interacting with somebody new can be a huge help. Anyone you meet while on a business-related excursion can help increase the size of your network.

"You never know where you might meet a potential new client, new supplier, or partner," Kelly writes. "The more places you go and the more people you meet, the better your chances of finding someone who can really make a difference in your business."

And this might be even more possible now, since according to the Global Business Travel Association, American businesses have seen progress in the amount of corporate travel they conduct. This year, more than $71 billion was spent on travel by U.S. companies alone, the GBTA said in a press release.

So if your company would like to expand its horizons and make business travel connections soon, it can find a private plane service that operates in key locations on the East Coast, such as the Washington, DC area. Having the planes ready to go can mean you save time during the planning process.