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Winter weather impacts plane operability

As we enter the winter months more fully, the weather effects on airplanes are worth anticipating, as is the potential impact to air travel plans that might not be able to fully work around these inclement conditions. Even the major brands will struggle with ice and snow, as Boeing has demonstrated recently.

Reuters reports that the famous plane company has made an announcement regarding some of its Dreamliner planes. Apparently, the engines used by these planes are in danger of being iced over, which has resulted in changes in service for Japan Airlines Co., a company that has reshuffled some of its vehicles in order to allow for more secure travel plans.

The issue seems to be whether or not the engines of these planes will be at risk due to their flight paths at this time of year. The source notes that ice has the chance to build up in the General Electric engines that are used by these planes.

Working with airplane charter services can help your business feel more assured about the arrangements it has made and avoid sudden, unexpected rescheduling, which may be more likely when the weather gets to be this cold and unpredictable.

Bloomberg Businessweek quoted the vice president of aerospace manufacturer the Teal Group, who tried to downplay this potential disaster by stressing that the danger of ice is "probably easily fixed with a software tweak, rather than any kind of hardware modification."

But even if these circumstances are remedied quickly, the cost of any disruption to travel can be extreme. Check in with charter plane companies that have your ultimate satisfaction in mind and can give you a full technical guarantee of their performance before your travels begin.