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Unnecessary charges could taint Frontier Airlines reputation

While customers may be prepared to pay extra for some perks when it comes to air travel, charging extra for baggage might be a bridge some aren't willing to cross. That's a possibility when it comes to Frontier Airlines, a brand that is, according to TIME Magazine, now adding overhead storage charges which could be as expensive as $50 per item for those who don't check in ahead of time.

For many travelers, the use of the overhead bin is a fundamental part of their flight experience and one that they plan their packing around. The article reports that customers onboard this flight will need to pay for this amenity in advance, although it might be offset somewhat by the fact that general fares for the airline are said to be decreasing by "an average of 12 percent."

Still, this represents a trend which may trouble those passengers who don't expect it. The Associated Press reports that this follows similar policies laid out by Spirit Airlines, and it quotes analyst Henry Harteveldt, who sees Frontier's new plan as just part of this pattern.

"Frontier is merely copying Spirit, reflecting its investment by Indigo," he said. "I'm not surprised that the airline is doing this."

But though he might not be surprised, the average traveler might get an unwelcome shock when they realize they have to pay $50 at the gate. It might be hard for any airline company to communicate sudden changes to their policies so that they stick, but a private charter jet might help customers understand any new changes without a shadow of a doubt. More importantly, by chartering a flight with a private plane, travelers can keep their baggage with them at no extra cost.