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Summer bringing with it more interest in vacation travel

According to a study that was recently released by Skift, the amount of American travelers who are planning to go on vacation this year seems to have increased. This is a time when charter services can be used to guarantee performance, especially if many are looking to fly to the same place. Rather than take chances with public planes, private ones can prove more effective.

Among the findings of Skift's report, entitled "The Changing Business of Summer Travel in the United States," is the point that nearly 90 percent of Americans want to take a vacation in the summer 2014, and that on average, these travelers are looking to spend more than $1,200 to do so. The data also seems to indicate that there are expected pricing changes within the travel industry because of the increase in interest.

Of course, different airports and airlines throughout the country can endeavor to take advantage of this as well. An example of this can be seen in the activities of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, which has seen growth in summer air travel.

While one can't read too much into the changes evident in this one particular airport, they should also be seen in the grander context of what is happening to the economy regarding summer travel. The Cincinnati Enquirer quotes local travel agent Vicky Mary on these larger dominating factors.

"The economy's getting better, and people are just traveling more," Mary said. "Our business is up 35 percent from last year, and, if I worked until midnight every day, I still couldn't get all my work done."

As the report says, this is a good time to be in the travel business, which means it's a better time to plan your summer trips with airplane charter services.