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Stowaway survives overseas flight in wheel well of plane

The larger an airplane, the greater the potential may be for a stowaway to sneak aboard, posing major risks to themselves and the aircraft.

A charter air service can help crew and passengers be perfectly sure that everyone is where they need to be. Though it may be hard to believe, KUSA reports that one teenage boy managed to survive a five-hour flight while hidden in the wheel storage area of Hawaiian Airlines Flight 15.

So many variables could have led to this unnamed person being killed during this attempt, as the source noted: not only were they testing their ability to remain hidden inside the machinery of the aircraft, but to stay safe while it flew from San Jose to Hawaii.

The survival of this boy seems to have been miraculously rare: a recent piece from National Geographic, citing information from the FAA, noted that roughly 76 percent of all of the airplane stowaways from throughout the past 67 years have perished.

This information comes as part of an interview between that source and physiologist Jeff Sventek, who expressed amazement over this story, wondering how the boy could stay warm while inside the wheel compartment over the ocean.

"For someone who spent his life teaching this and understanding it, it's still very hard for me to understand and grasp how he dropped down and was walking around the tarmac after this experience," Sventek said. "He's just a very, very lucky young man."

Although it's fortunate that this person manage to get through this with their life, stowaways can be dangerous to the regular successful functioning of an airplane. A charter jet service might help travelers feel better about the safety of the vehicle.