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Statistics: Air travel safer than ever these days

Anyone watching the news may have seen discouraging reports of events involving planes across the world. As a result, travelers may understandably be concerned about their safety when its time to make their own plans.

However, all travelers considering using a charter jet service should have a clear understanding of what the safety risks really are. The International Air Travel Association is taking pains to emphasize the relative safety of air travel. A statement from the CEO of that organization, Tony Tyler, tried to put the recent events in perspective by pointing out how safety is still prevalent for those wishing to fly to their destination.

"Every day, approximately 100,000 flights take to the sky and land without incident. In 2013 more than three billion people flew and there were 210 fatalities," Tyler said. "Regrettably, we have surpassed that number already this year. But even so, getting on an aircraft is still among the safest activities that one can do." 

To take that claim even further, CNN recently reported that last year was "the safest-ever overall period in aviation history" citing information from the Aviation Safety Network as proof. This data shows that 2013 was indeed the safest year for fliers ever, stretching all the way back to 1946. Two of the worst years listed are 1985 and 1972.

But you don't need to take this kind of data to know the simple fact that air charters can help you get to where you'd like to go with a sense of confidence that you won't necessarily have when flying on a commercial plane.