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Smithsonian celebrates Hawaiian contributions to air history

Small states can still play a major role in the history of air travel, and the Smithsonian Institute seems to be acknowledging this with a new exhibit.

Centering around the role of Hawaii in the greater context of aviation history, it could be a demonstration of some of the impact that plane activity in one specific region can have on the entire industry.

This in turn might give travelers something to think about when they consider airplane charter services operating in their area.

According to the Associated Press, the new exhibit will open at the National Air and Space Museum and cover the entire history of airplane use in the area, which encompasses more than a century of activity.

The title of the piece will be "Hawaii by Air," and in addition to the role that air travel has played in bringing tourists to this island, the displays involved also concern the cultural history of Hawaii and the way it was depicted in pop art and advertising.

In a story on the exhibit for, the exhibit's designer, Jennifer Carlton, said she tried to reflect the nature of the islands in the way she depicted its history.

"The fact that it's about Hawaii, I could be a little bit more colorful with this exhibit than any exhibit I've ever worked on," she said. "We all had more fun with this."

Regular commercial air travel to the Aloha State has existed since the 1930's, and although there was a suspension of transport here due to World War II, since the 50's and 60's it has known a great resurgence.

The next time you charter a private plane, you may be able to learn something about  the significance of air travel in the areas you are visiting.