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Reduce travel time with a charter jet, on the ground and in the air

Although flying in a private plane is similar in some respects to flying in any aircraft, there's one major difference that customers will appreciate as soon as they step aboard: shorter taxi times. Because it doesn't require the same crew or space as a commercial jumbo jet, a smaller plane allows for a smoother and faster ride.

This is part of what a recent Business Insider piece argues when it looks at the reasons professionals should use a charter jet, aside from comfort, which is often mentioned. But those who haven't experienced a more compact private plane will find the entire process, from boarding to takeoff, much smoother and faster.

This doesn't just hold for activity on the ground before takeoff. Business Insider also notes that the size of a jet helps determine how much it will be exposed to traffic and bad weather. The more streamlined body of a private aircraft guarantees fewer disturbances overall.

"Private jets are usually designed to climb faster than airliners, so they're above crummy weather sooner. They usually fly faster, too," the article says. "Commercial jets cruise around 35,000 feet; smaller jets typically fly higher. That puts them above the traffic, so their routes are more direct — they don't compete with bigger planes for space."

By taking less time to get in the air and working in smaller airports, private jets avoid traffic pileups and collisions. An example of the latter is the recent accident at JFK airport reported by New York Daily News, in which two planes crashed into each other, resulting in damage to the wing of one of the planes.

When you charter an airplane, you invest in a higher quality of travel overall.