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Plane failure leads to overnight stay for Detroit Tigers

It's important that when passengers invest in a charter plane, they know they can count on it to stay mechanically fit. Delays due to necessary fixes might be crucial but they can also lead to consequences when the clients have specific business they need to attend to.

One high profile group recently suffered its own setbacks due to problems with their charter jet: the Detroit Tigers. The Flint Journal recently reported that this team was supposed to fly out of Boston for Cleveland after playing the Red Sox.

However, an issue with their plane forced them to stay in the city until that Monday, a night more than they'd hoped. As a result, they weren't able to reach their next game until after the series opener had already begun, which was noted by the sports media.

This delay was made more noticeable because of the way the team members used social media to broadcast their boredom and prolonged stay in Boston with photos, videos and tweets. Images show the players in their full tiger-themed gear taking buses and lounging around.

ESPN reported on the after effects of the plane failure. Overall, it seems the team was able to recover from this unexpected setback, though not without a little embarrassment. But the source quoted the Tigers' Torii Hunter on some of the potential good effects of being temporarily stranded.

"We're trying to get that camaraderie," he said. "We have a good group of guys in here who have great personalities. This can help with bonding. We're like brothers."

Despite this, nobody wants to hear that their air charter service isn't functioning, even temporarily. A good provider knows that the plans of its customers are important and could be put into jeopardy through late or faulty service.