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New TSA Precheck rules to take effect for servicemen

The use of charter air services might help you get to where you'd like to go faster, but other features in place might also help with this, at least for certain subcultures. The Transportation Security Administration may be contributing to this through the use of its "Precheck" program.

This program has been in effect for almost three years now, but Coast Guard and other servicemen who may not have been previously eligible to enjoy its benefits might be in luck under the new guidelines.

While this initiative does not allow participants to completely skip over the screening process, it does include some extra privileges that can now make the whole thing easier for servicemen to pass through and get on their travels. This includes bypassing some of the procedures that most travelers have to go through when they travel.

"The expedited screening will allow service members to keep their footwear on as well as light outerwear, laptop in its case and their 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels bag in a carry on in select screening lanes, a release from the Department of Defense explains. "More than 30 million passengers have experienced TSA Precheck since it launched in October 2011." 

Interested parties can start enrolling right now, either online or in person at a special center for doing so. And those who wish to keep an even firmer grip on their personal travel options can ensure that they are getting the ultimate in travel service: an airline that pays attention to their specific needs.

With timing so critical at this time of the year especially, awareness of airplane charter services can be something that helps improve your overall experience.