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A private charter jet may have access to smaller airfields that other planes don't and as a result they need to be more familiar with the different kinds of runways that they may need to use for takeoff and landing. This includes knowing the different ways that an airport might have its layout and how to respond to this.

An article by Wired addresses the ways that these layouts have both functional and aesthetic elements that can only be appreciated from the air. On a practical level, the numbers that designate each runway can help direct traffic and orient pilots in the right direction.

But, as the source notes, there's also the patterns that can be only noticed when someone is at a great height, and these can be seen as somewhat beautiful. Many air travelers have had the chance to get an unusual view from this vantage point, and an artist named Lauren O'Neil likes to take photographs of the runways.

Views from the plane can also show a clearer look at the aspects of a particular runway that need to be fixed soon, as they can take damage over time. CBS recently reported on one example in Florida, where lightning has caused the closure of Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. The lightning even left holes behind in the runway.

By trusting in airplane charter services that know all the architectural signs to look for and how to approach different airports, the passenger can have more faith in their travel provider, rest easier, and feel like they are on the right path toward whatever their ultimate destination may be.