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More travelers predicted for this year’s Labor Day

Although holidays are always a pretty sure bet for increased air travel, the Associated Press reports that this Labor Day looks to be a particularly busy one. According to information cited from an unnamed trade group, nine of the major U.S. Airlines, including American, United and Southwest, are poised to see more activity soon, a continuation of the 2 percent growth they've seen this year.

The trade group asserts that there will be a 2 percent increase in Labor Day travel this year over last. This organization expects 14 million to travel during the last week of August into September 2 across the country. With that many people moving, individuals who charter an airplane have the advantage of securing their own private option.

This isn't the only source that sees high volume of transportation on the horizon. AAA predicts even higher numbers, more than 34 million traveling and 8 percent doing so by plane. A piece in Market Watch features comments from AAA's COO Marshall Doney, who says that the uptick in travel comes from a more confident economy.

"This year, Americans are more optimistic about their financial situation," he said. "Consumer spending continues to outpace disposable income, indicating that Americans are comfortable using their credit cards to take one last summer vacation this year."

This means that certain premiere destinations, especially on the east coast, should expect more visitors and higher traffic congestion. To counter this, an airplane charter in Washington D.C. can reduce fears of an onslaught of out-of-towners and give tourists more leeway to vacation at their own pace.