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More crushing realities when it comes to cell phones in the air

Despite the seemingly widespread anticipation that surrounded the recent FCC rulings on the use of electronic devices in the air, now that travelers are actually facing the prospect of cell phone use by other passengers, the issue has become more complicated than it might have seemed at first.

Specifically? The Salt Lake Tribune reports that some airlines are not rushing to embrace the idea, and that Delta Airlines is outright against it. But the Huffington Post points out another important element that is likely to have been neglected, which is what these services will cost the user, because making calls while in the air is really no different from calling while in any other area that isn't covered by a specific service plan.

If these projected costs do materialize, the question will become what this kind of service will be worth to travelers, and especially whether they will be willing to purchase it from the major airlines that offer calls on a plane for an extreme fee.

Charter a private jet and you can know exactly the rate you will get and avoid being held as a literal captive audience, as Chris Silva of research company Gartner told the Post. It can bring you closer in contact with the people actually managing your flight, and also provide a sense that you are getting more direct value from your travel.

But perhaps the strongest case for taking a private jet is that most consumers don't really want to deal with phone calls on planes at all, according to a fact sheet put out by the FAA.