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Make your holiday travel a pleasant experience

As many flyers know, the prospect of long-distance holiday commercial flight can be unattractive. As Stephanie Earls of the Colorado Springs Gazette relates, the fear of the "dreaded middle seat" gives many pause when it comes to making their travel plans. However, it can be many travelers' only option if their destination is too far for a road trip or a ride on the train.

Not surprisingly, "the end-of-year stretch still is typically the busiest for airlines." This of course leads to crowded planes and little room for you to work with on your trip. The increase in air traffic during the holidays can also lead to delays: According to Earls, nearly one third of domestic flights from mid-December to early January depart or arrive fifteen minutes late. Needless to say, the thought of a late, 6-hour flight cramped between two other people can make one rethink their decision to go the route of air travel. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, this problem hangs heavy on the minds of many potential travelers. There is an alternative, however. Should you be looking to travel along the east coast, charter an airplane with Easton Aviation and let us provide you with the Business Class-quality service we pride ourselves on. Our Pilatus PC-12 model plane will take you where you need to go with speed, spaciousness and safety.

What's more, making a reservation with Easton Aviation is a simple and fast online process that gives you plenty of time to deal with your other travel arrangements. If you're looking to charter a plane for a special occasion this holiday season, get in touch with us at Easton Aviation to find out the availability and rates of flights, and let us deliver you to your destination in comfort and style.