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Learning from the birds to make airplane travel more relaxing

One of the most exciting things about air travel is the way that planes can provide innovations and new solutions that the traveler might not be expecting. There's the sense that the jaded modern American may have seen it all, but could new designs be on the horizon that might be helpful for those who are thinking of quieter and more efficient means of travel?

A recent study that appeared on the bulletin of the American Physical Society described the research that's being done on owl wings and how it might be applied to the exterior of different vehicle crafts to give them a quieter edge.

The wings of owls are quite complex and contain a sophisticated structure that the scientists behind this study are examining to see if it might be replicated in human construction. Specific attention is being paid to the fibers that might be used to help simulate the way these wings are layered and present a less noisy solution for the engines on planes.

This could possibly have implications not just for travel aircraft but charter air services and private planes as well, in the long run.

"In contrast to the leading-edge comb and compliant trailing-edge fringe attributes of owls, the aeroacoustic impact of the fluffy down material on the upper wing surface remains largely speculative as a means to eliminate aerodynamic noise across a broad range of frequencies," the abstract of the report begins.

So until the actual findings are put into use, you should look for trustworthy and non-intrusive charter air services that can offer some comfort.