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Know that you’ll catch your flight when you charter a private jet

In addition to the problems that may arise when unexpected delays surprise air travel passengers, the seemingly arbitrary periods of time that passengers face  when dashing across an airport to catch a flight can present another inconvenience and hazard. At the worst, it can result in unnecessary fatigue on a trip that has already involved numerous flights.

It's not just domestic flights either that can be bothersome in this area. A recent letter to a Los Angeles Times column complained of the time lost between connections at major airports abroad like Heathrow in London. The writer mentioned that even though there was more than an hour between flights, he or she only managed to board the second plane with "seconds to spare."

In response, "S. Ash" writes that "a consumer's best bet is to fly nonstop (sometimes not an option) or to be skeptical of short connecting windows if travels are routed through major airports."

But this doesn't have to be the case. If consumers choose a private jet service for their travels, they can relax a little knowing that their needs are being prioritized and they won't have to rush the same way one would for a public plane.

This could mean a chain reaction of benefits, including less lost luggage, overlooked factors, and other little things that might occur when the mind is otherwise occupied with avoidable stress.

For these reasons alone, one can consider looking into airplane charter services simply to make the next trip a little simpler and more comfortable affair, especially if there are multiple people traveling together.