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Is there a way to maintain successful ‘subtle’ airline security?

Whatever your feeling on airport security, it's undeniable that some measures have resulted in delays and inconveniences for some travelers. The ideal security solution would seem to be one that reduces the chance of threats but is still relatively painless for the average air commuter.

However, that may be a more difficult task now that the Department of Homeland Security has, according to CNN, supposedly reduced the number of Federal Air Marshals following a series of corresponding dips in the budget. 

As the source notes, it's difficult to say much for sure since the details seem to have been kept secret. But since air marshals are said to "blend in with passengers" on the official Transport Security Administration website, it does suggest a reduction in more subtle forms of crime prevention in the air.

This leaves the question of what kind of security we can depend upon to have the best of both worlds. Airplane charter services might not be the total answer, but they can perhaps provide a little more relief to the passenger and airport officials than the more complicated larger air vehicles.

One person who has something to add on this subject is Liam Neeson. The Irish actor is currently appearing onscreen in the thriller "Non-Stop," in which he plays an air marshal himself.

Neeson also appeared in a short promotional interview for Moviefone in which he dispensed advice on air travel.

"You've got to exercise patience," he said. "Especially now with security in airports all over the world. It's a nightmare for all of us, but it's a necessary nightmare: it keeps us all safe."

Travelers can look to an accredited charter airplane service to handle their travel needs while providing peace of mind by maintaining high safety standards.