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How the weight of materials impacts air travel

A lot of different factors can impact a plane's ability to travel at the  pace required to get you and your fellow travelers where you need to go in a timely fashion. Everything onboard contributes to the weight that a commercial airliner or private jet is carrying and could result in a heavier craft that isn't able to advance as quickly.

That's a conclusion one can draw from a recent Wired article that examines the impact that lighter, less cumbersome seats might have on an airplane overall. This includes both the construction of the seats and the lack of additional accessories that might not seem to pose that much of a concern for individual passengers.

According to the article, the use of 20 pound seats can reduce the weight of a plane by more than 25 percent.

Another article, this in the Desert Sun, describes the move toward smaller seating on planes as part of a larger trend that also leads to more space on a plane. This could increase the amount of passengers that a plane can carry, which could bring with it even more positives in the long run.

The article quoted director from "" Jami Counter on how such a seemingly major change can still be implemented with a minimum amount of ultimate cost.

"All that foam cushion and padding probably didn't add all that much comfort. All that's been taken out," he said. "You haven't really lost all that much if the airline does it right."

If you charter a private jet, you can look forward to expedient service based on a craft model that is based on efficiency and all the things you need, as well as the assurance that it has been kept in good position.