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Dutch agency calls attention to issues with airport landing systems and plane autopilot

The electronic systems that are used to guide planes need to be constantly checked for accuracy, since a bug can arise in the most sudden of ways.

The Associated Press reports that regulators in the Netherlands have detected a dangerous glitch that can affect airplane landings.

This bug can cause the plane to move erratically as it approaches the runway. The issue involves the Instrument Landing System that different runways use: depending on how a plane approaches, they could receive the wrong signal and tilt up instead of down when they land.

Private airplane charter services can offer a feeling of stability when it comes to the equipment that is being used. This can be a concern for major airports or minor, as a story in HNG News recently pointed out regarding the Dane County Regional Airport in Wisconsin.

This airport acquired the funds for a new landing system. The article quoted Joe Parisi, the County Executive, describing the reasons that this landing system should be used at that location. The airport has been awarded funds from the state in order to improve in this area. 

"Our weather changes quickly, and investing in this state of the art technology means safer landings and takeoffs for pilots and their passengers from our airport," he said.

When you search for an air charter in Baltimore, D.C. or any other area, you should look for one that is familiar with the ins and outs of the places that they will land in.

If there are mistakes in airport landing systems, you want airplane pilots that will know this and be able to work around it.