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Don’t wait for mistakes to get good service

Travelers using private air services should feel comfortable with the prices they are greeted with and shouldn't have to worry about mistakes—even if those mistakes turn out to be in the traveler's favor.

The day after Christmas apparently saw some Delta Airlines travelers given surprisingly low prices for flights due to a glitch. The Los Angeles Times reported that many were able to take advantage of this temporary setback. Many flight airfares were under $100.

Even though the company allowed these customers to keep the tickets they had obtained at those lowered prices, the discounted rates were evidently very much the result of a glitch and soon corrected.

Some of these glitches resulted in fares that were astronomically lower than usual and probably gave rise to considerable confusion. ABC reports that a statement from the airline itself has sought to keep customers informed as to the state of the airline in the face of this mistake. As multiple sources have noted, other airlines have also been affected by these kinds of mistakes.

"The situation has been resolved, and the correct prices are being displayed," this message reportedly said. "Delta will honor any fares purchased at the incorrect price."

In the short term, this is a boon to the customer, but in the long run, this devalues the nature of the aircraft provider and leaves the customer overall less able to trust in them and not sure about what the norm really is. Travelers can turn to charter jet services for a service that they can depend on.