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Don’t spend money unnecessarily in response to airline problems

It's understandable that travelers on airlines might feel so frustrated in cases of bad service that they might even pay to make their anger known. However, it's important for customers not to worry about the consequences of these bad trips so much that they feel they have to do this: smaller charter services might give travelers more of a chance to communicate their problems directly and see improvements.

Airfarewatchdog recently reported on a service called AirCare that offers insurance for those travelers who experience certain forms of discomfort and inconveniences during their plane ride, including lost luggage and overlong delays at the airport.

This might seem attractive to those who have to spend lots of time in the air and between different locations. This is because it pertains to the annoyances that are almost certainly always going to be around as long as planes are still available. By using smaller charter planes, travelers can still stick to their previous destination and not feel like they have to invest more in the extra protection given to their journey. 

Condé Nast Traveler recently compiled a list of user complaints via Twitter pertaining to air travel. As opposed to the fears listed as AirCare's covered instances, this list of user-generated concerns leans toward more of the inter-personal things that insurance won't prevent , like the behavior of fellow passengers who take up too much space with luggage and recline too far back in their seat.

While having personal insurance isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just part of a preventative approach to travel that can include paying more attention to the charter services that anyone with a need to fly can benefit from.