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Differing opinions over the future of coach plane seat length

Ready for more information about airplane seats? Earlier this month we discussed the attention being paid to the material that seats on airplanes are made of, and now we have another story on the industry's attention toward the amount of space that these seats are taking up.

According to an article on Bloomberg Businessweek, there's information from Airbus supporting the idea that the seats in most coach seating areas should be extended, based on information from the London Sleep Center.

The study seems to suggest the ideal width of airplane seats, which would be more than 18 inches. This adjustment, which would only add one inch to the standard measurement currently in use, might seem somewhat trivial. However, research appears to show that it actually makes a significant difference in improving the chance that passengers will be able to sleep by more than 50 percent.

At the same time, there are some who take issue with this assessment, as CNN has documented. They spoke to IdeaWorksCompany representative Jay Sorenson, who saw this as more of a marketing ploy for Airbus than a real study with results that could be used meaningfully.

"Airbus has conveniently picked a dimensional aspect that benefits them," he said. "Note that they are not addressing seat pitch — the space between rows — or recline angle." 

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