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Did a skydiver really drop a camera from mid-air?

One recent YouTube video that has received the viral treatment may or may not be real, but either way it does show the importance of safety in close conditions during a flight, and how fast things can change.

Earlier this month, a YouTube user with the handle of "Mia Munselle" posted footage that was allegedly taken from a GoPro phone that fell out of a skydiving plane. In her comments in the "about" section of the video, Munselle claims that the camera was found 8 months after being apparently accidentally dropped from an open airplane hatch.

It only lasts a little over a minute, but in rapid succession the footage shows images of sky and land whipping around rapidly like an old-time film strip slowed down and sped up at the same time. Then, the camera "hits" the ground. And moments later, almost immediately, the snout of a pig appears hovering over the lens.

Not surprisingly, the video has more than 12 million views and has been commented on in news sources like the New York Daily News. But the implausibility of this kind of event, as well as the attempt at merchandising that appears in the video's description, might cast some dubious light on whether things are as they seem.

However, no matter what really is behind that footage, customers should take note that when they charter a private jet, it pays to pick one with security in mind. Obviously, the conditions are different for those looking to skydive, but airplanes can still be counted upon to keep the property of the traveler intact.