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Delta continues using humor in safety videos

There may be only so many ways to tell travelers how to put on their seatbelts and be wary of life preservers. The effort to keep these presentations fresh has resulted in some creative approaches in the past, and Delta Airlines has taken another step in that direction.

In a video recently released, the company has attempted to capitalize on 80's nostalgia, which is still rampant and a constant means of engaging customers. But is this newest video trying too hard? That's a good question to ask with any safety video, but this one, which especially loads on the imagery familiar to audiences both from their original deployment more than 30 years ago and from other incessant ads, movies and TV shows poking fun at the era.

That's part of the problem with creating any of these sorts of humorous takes on popular forms: the balance between reaching a customer and going so broad as to lose all of the intended impact.

What's weird about this particular video is that it doesn't really establish itself as 80's themed until all the actors wearing puffed up hair, clashing colors, preppy sweaters and leg warmers show up. It's not like New Zealand's Middle Earth-themed safety instructions, which made sense given the location, or even Delta's own holiday announcement last year.

But Forbes writer Aaron Perlut was all a-gaga about this video, which he said is effective at getting travelers to pay attention to these announcements.

"More than anything, however, Delta's dirty little secret is that it ropes viewers into actually focusing on what a live human being in an airplane — often sitting right in front of you — cannot do," he writes.

That's somewhat debatable. Once again, a charter jet service represents a cozy experience that might not require such flash.